Monday, July 14, 2008

Protest disrupts bishop's sermon

I can't tell you how much I admire this man ... you should watch the video.
Openly gay US bishop Gene Robinson was forced to halt a sermon at a west London church after being heckled.

As Bishop Robinson began his sermon a member of the congregation repeatedly called him a "heretic" and said "repent, repent, repent".

He began his sermon by saying how sad it was that the Anglican Communion was tearing itself apart.

But he was stopped when the man in the congregation shouted that the schism was the bishop's fault.

The man's protest was followed by slow hand-clapping by members of the congregation, and Bishop Robinson halted his sermon while a hymn was sung and the protester was escorted from the church in Putney, south west London.

Unfortunately the rest of the congregation did not leave as the man was escorted from the service. As far as I am concerned the man was correct, and did what Americans should be doing everywhere the homosexual (b)ishop dons the garments of Church.

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