Friday, September 19, 2008

An Open Letter to Bishop Bob Duncan

I commend this Group and Bishop Duncan ...

Dear Bishop Duncan-

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. We want you to know that we are lifting you and yours up in prayer. We commend you on your dedicated leadership within the Anglican Communion, Anglican Communion Network, and Common Cause Partnership. You are one of a very few Bishops who have stood for the historic faith even in light of horrible, unprecedented and unwarranted threats by The Episcopal Church (TEC). We applaud your stand for our historic faith and are proud to stand beside you as faithful laity. The Diocese of Pittsburgh and the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Pittsburgh are also in our prayers. We encourage all faithful orthodox within Pittsburgh to move forward with renewed conviction at your upcoming Diocesan Convention and we look forward to the continuance of the realignment that you have personally helped implement so we can have a safe place to worship our God without heretical demands by the leadership of TEC.

We condemn the Presiding Bishop and House of Bishops of TEC for their illegal and unchristian actions yesterday. Their stance is a clear one- they will not stop at promoting their revisionist agenda regardless of the cost to our Church here- or across the broader Anglican Communion. Their secular mission is equally clear- to try and take property from the very individuals and parishes who built and paid for their property with no assistance whatsoever from TEC. We are lifted up, however, with the knowledge that the damage they have done to His Church will not last- as we who stand for the historic faith will emerge stronger and our mission to spread the Gospel will be strengthened. The “silent majority” are now awakened and rising up out of the pews to reform our Church. Thank you for your courageous leadership and example you provide all toward that end.

We call on the Primates of the Anglican Communion and the Archbishop of Canterbury to condemn the actions of the Presiding Bishop and the House of Bishops.

We are encouraged and grateful for your rapid reception as a Bishop by the Southern Cone. Soon, many more of us will be able to work together without interference toward our goal- the formation of a new orthodox Anglican Province in North America. Better days are ahead- and we look forward to working closely with you on the formation of the new Province. Know that you have our full and complete respect and support.

May God sustain and bless you Bishop Duncan, His faithful and unwavering servant, at this time.

Chad Bates, Chair

Remain Faithful

(On behalf of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors and Members of Remain Faithful)

Remain Faithful is an organization of over 900 orthodox Anglican and Episcopal laity who collectively have been members of the Church for over 38, 500 years. You can join us or review our position paper at

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