Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First Diocese seems to be forming

A new Anglican diocese is expected to emerge out of talks among former Episcopalians who have either been deposed or left The Diocese of Florida as well as others as part of the on-going realignment in the Anglican Communion.

"We have the options of applying to become a diocese immediately or to become a ‘diocese in formation’ under Anglican Church in North America (ACNA. We hope to have just over 20 parishes represented there when we meet" he told VOL."There are advantages and disadvantages for each option, but there a clear consensus that we will become a diocese as soon as we can do so responsibly. AMiA and REC parishes will be a part of the process, while remaining under their current jurisdictions, with the commitment to allbeing partners in local ministry."

22 Congregations with 47 Clergy presently make up the Anglican Alliance.

A list of clergy and parishes can be found on the following page:


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