Thursday, May 7, 2009

Is it about Scripture or money?

The Rt. Rev. Mouneer H. Anis, President Bishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Church of Egypt and the Middle East, told delegates to the Anglican Consultative Council-14 that if the Anglican Communion tolerates the practice of homosexuality, it will require a different kind of dialogue.

Speaking from the floor following a presentation by Canon Philip Groves who heads the London-based Listening Province, Archbishop Anis asked what (the Anglican Communion) would like to achieve. If we are to achieve better pastoral care and to prevent homophobia, we need to know how to care for people with homosexual orientation. Homosexual practice does not go with Christian love, he said.
"It is very difficult in some provinces to have us listen to homosexuality being accepted. The Listening Process needs a theological debate across the provinces about this." Anis then said that he had spoken to several bishops who told him that they disapprove of practicing homosexuals and that it is contrary to Scripture, but they cannot speak up because their dioceses depend upon donations from the West. "I have heard from several people about this. They are financially dependent on Western churches, so they cannot speak up."

"This is not about orientation, but about approving homosexual practice which is contrary to Scripture. There is another dimension to listening."
I find this very tragic, as poorer Provinces in the world depend so heavily on western money that they fear being placed on the Anglican Chessboard as a Pawn to be sacrificed for the next move of the Queen Katie Girl.

TEC is playing the legalism format, watering down the law of God so that they can "keep" it. Using the law - or the GRACE that we receive as an excuse to continue in sin is by far one of the worst abuses that exists in this world.

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