Friday, July 17, 2009

Does your Nea mean Yea!???

Yesterday several Bishops of the the Episcopal Organization signed and declared what they call they call the Anaheim Statement. You can read it all here ... but here are the highlights:

The statement:

  • reaffirmed the bishops’ “constituent membership in the Anglican Communion, our communion with the See of Canterbury, and our commitment to preserving these relationships”;

  • reaffirmed their “commitment to the doctrine, discipline, and worship of Christ as this Church has received them”;

  • reaffirmed their “commitment to the three moratoria requested of us by the Instruments of Communion”;

  • reaffirmed their “commitment to the Anglican Communion Covenant process currently underway, with the hope of working toward its implementation across the Communion once a Covenant is completed”;

  • reaffirmed their “commitment to ‘continue in the apostles’ teaching and fellowship’ which is foundational to our baptismal covenant, and to be one with the apostles in ‘interpreting the Gospel’ which is essential to our work as bishops of the Church of God.”
This of course is an attempt to appease the faithful back home, before they head for the exits. Let me say just a few things here, as for re-affirming your commitment to the Gospel Message as received by Christ - Baloney! Bishops you can not have your cake and eat it too ... regardless of what you think your Organization has received - it in now way reflects the Gospel of our Lord - which has not changed, will not change and can not change! You can not call an orange an apple for the sake of selling more oranges.

At least 7 of you voted for C056 or D025- which calls for the Organization of which you are a member to create liturgies for blessing GLBT's unions and marriages and committed relationships ... or opening the ordination process for all "baptized persons" (couldn't at least one of you also made it "CONFIRMED AND BAPTIZED?") which is contray to God's law, and don't blame the Holy Spirit for a new revelation - as being of God and with God - the Spirit does not Change EITHER!
The 7 that signed this seem to be sitting on an imaginary fence, one that does not exist ... Those 7 are:
  1. The Rt. Rev Dorsey Henderson, Upper South Carolina (Voted Yes on D025 and C056)
  2. The Rt. Rev Don Johnson, West Tennessee (Voted Yes on D025)
  3. The Rt. Rev Alfredo Morante, Litoral Ecuador (Voted Yes on C056)
  4. The Rt. Rev Henry Parsley, Alabama (Voted Yes on C056)
  5. The Rt. Rev Pierre Whalon, Convocation of American Churches in Europe (Voted Yes on D025 and C056)
  6. The Rt. Rev Sylestre Romero, Assistant-- New Jersey (Voted Yes on D025)
  7. The Rt. Rev John Sloan, Suffragan--Alabama (Voted Yes on C056)
I invite all of you who are in authority to return to the Gospel, as it was proclaimed by Christ and the Apostles. Leave your degrees on the carpet and read the Word, learn the Word, teach the Word and and then Preach the Word.

I have far more respect for those Deputies in So Carolina that were not allowed to read their statement to the house on this the Last Day of Gen Con 09 ..

They wanted to say :

Madam President

South Carolina stands before you with broken hearts. By passing Resolution D025 and C056 this General Convention has overturned the clear and consistent teaching of Holy Scripture and the Christian Church. We will have repudiated the teaching and practice of the Anglican Communion. The Communion's patience and generosity toward the Episcopal Church makes our persistent refusal to heed their requests to us to honor the called for moratoria all the more devastating.

Many of us us here this morning, and in Dioceses, parishes, and pews throughout the Episcopal Church, disavow this General Convention's actions. Will will now prayerfully seek ways to be faithful to the Anglican Communion and to the mutual responsibility and interdependence to which we are called, no matter what the cost.

I pray God to continue to bless and lead those deputies from So Carolina.

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