Thursday, January 29, 2009

Article by Zen Buddhist, Episcopal Priest - Almost Bishop

Kevin Thew Forrester, right, and Shoken
Winecoff, Abbot of Ryumonji Zen
monastery in Iowa.

Forrester of course is the only proposed candidate for Bishop in the upper Michigan Diocese.

In the Hiawatha Land News of the Upper Peninsula he wrote an article about himself and how he is Zen Buddhist and an Episcopal Priest.

Just to wet your appetite - here are a few quotes ....

My soul-work entered a new stage on Pentecost, at Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp, when I, as a Christian, received Buddhist “lay ordination” and a new name, to go
along with my Christian name: Genpo (Japanese, for “way of universal wisdom”). I now walk the path of Christianity and Zen Buddhism.

I see now a Jesus who does not raise the bar to salvation, but lowers it so far that it disappears.

Sir, let me step in and explain .... there is no "bar" to salvation at any height .... you must simply repent of your sins, accept Christ as the only means of your salvation, and begin to lead a new life and walk away from past sins. Sir all that requires is Faith, Faith in Christ - as the Son - who bore your sins on Golgotha. Sir there is no bar to jump over - just a Cross to kneel down too.


Chuck said...

...there is no bar to jump over - just a Cross to kneel down too.

Well said, +Ed. Keep up the faithful witness.

Ed said...

Thanks Chuck and will do my best! You do the same up there!

Phineas Angus Rody said...

An Australian-based "denomination" with a URL and claims of 400,000 members when in Victoria (the most populous state) they have one congregation that meets in a nursing home, is probably not to be taken too seriously!

Furthermore they have stolen our acronym.

++P A Rody