Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I love you and Buddha too!

The one and only candidate for the Bishop of Northern Michigan claims to be both Episcopal and and Buddhist.... in fact He is an ordained Buddhist.
He will be elected unless someone nominated from the floor can oppose and win.

Of course it has been common for TEC to engage in such practices ... from here

When stories like this come along, it's tempting to remind everyone of similar people and events that have turned the Episcopal Church into a laughingstock for reasons completely unrelated to homosexuality, if only so we can have them in one convenient place the next time something happens.

There's the pagan seminar in the Diocese of Eastern Michigan, Bill Melnyk the Druid priest, Maury Johnston the gay Wiccan lay activist, whirling with the sufis in Seattle, the ridiculous labyrinth trend, the Hindu mass in Los Angeles... but there are so many more that listing them all every time something like this happens threatens to become a full-time job.

I couldn't resist placing this video/song up... I think they must be singers from the left side ...

I will volunteer to answer their Question ....
Jesus Christ, the living Song of God - was the only person to walk this earth, write their Last Will and Testament, Die to put it in effect, and come back from the Dead to make sure it was carried out.

It really it is that simple, Buddha died and stayed dead .... so did Mohammad ... so did .... (insert another name here) ... Dead Dead Dead, Died and Stayed Dead...

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