Wednesday, June 18, 2008

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American-style street politics has been raging through the Episcopal Church for quite some time now, since the 60s ended and the lesser political activists went searching for new venues, some quickly discovering the Episcopal Church, a perfect venue with it's overwrought governmental structures and it's bourgeoisie facades. Perfect! For thirty years the street activists - one can hardly call them liberal - labored away, going to endless meetings and taking minutes, getting elected to councils and taking minutes, getting ordained and taking minutes. At the same time, the renewal was also underway but the great majority of those leaders intentionally stayed clear of the political realm, leaving the house without adult supervision.

Now those same street-style political strategies are crossing the Atlantic and one of the first public examples of this comes in the news today from London. A "Priest Vicar" at Westminster Abbey, the Rev. Peter Cowell, has "married" another COE priest, the Rev. Dr. David Lord, in the Church of England's Diocese of London. They were married using an adaption of the marriage service from the Book of Common Prayer, complete with rings, vows, and the Eucharist. Their liturgical imagery was to eroticise the relationship between King David and Jonathon. The marriage between the two men was held inside one of London's historic churches, St. Bartholomew the Great within a stone's throw from our old college hangout, the Barbican.

What will the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of London do about it?

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