Monday, June 16, 2008

Dio: Ft. Worth - Remain Faithful

Remain Faithful, a group of orthodox lay Episcopalians and Anglicans has published today their position paper titled "Evidence That Demands A Decision".

"We are pleased to begin to get the voice of the orthodox laity out to the public to clarify the true reasons why we have come to a crossroads within The Episcopal Church and the broader Anglican Communion," Chad Bates, Chairman of Remain Faithful stated. "The position paper clearly identifies that the essential tenets and beliefs of our faith are the reasons why we face a decision in our Church. These essential factors are our belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the sole source of our salvation, and the fact that the Bible is the revealed Word of God and is not open to ongoing changes in interpretation as society evolves."

Remain Faithful began only a few weeks ago as a non profit organization but already has membership of over 275 lay people with over 12000 years of collective membership within The Episcopal Church. The Remain Faithful position paper outlines the differences in beliefs that have resulted in two separate and distinct churches within The Episcopal Church. "Evidence That Demands A Decision" can be found on the Remain Faithful website. The group has a full version of the position paper on the web site as well as an executive summary.

Cora Werley, Spokesperson for Remain Faithful went on to say, "So many myths have been spread about why we face a possible realignment within The Episcopal Church. Most of what has been printed revolves around Women’s ordination and sexuality issues. While these issues are important to many, they pale in comparison to the core differences in our beliefs- the essential elements of orthodox Episcopalian beliefs. We are pleased to address these issues in our position paper in clear and unambiguous terms. "

“Since many Christians claim to believe that Jesus is Lord and the Bible is the Word of God and are calling themselves orthodox, it's important to us to make clear the distinction between this group and others that have formed recently. It could be summed up like this. We not only believe Jesus is Lord, but the only Lord and the only way to salvation, not one of many ways. While we don't know everything God knows or plans for every body, we do know what He has told us in His Word to us and that He does not change. And we not only believe the Bible is God's word, but that it is authoritative in our life and work; that is, that what God tells us in the Bible is sin is sin, what He tells us to do we are bound to do, even when we so often do not fully understand the vastness of His reasoning. It is not a document that is intended to be debated and analyzed to find loopholes that allow our chosen behaviors to continue, but to determine how we can more fully obey our loving and generous God. Lastly, we believe that God loves His people enough to mold and shape them into His image, not to affirm who they choose to be when in clear violation of who He chooses for us to be. Because if nothing else, Remain Faithful is a group that has experienced
God's abundant grace and mercy and seeks to share the same with others as God commands.” Cora Werley explained.

"We invite all lay orthodox Episcopalians and Anglicans to join us on our website for ongoing updates and information". Chad Bates said. "We have been blessed to be joined not only by many within The Episcopal Church, but by members of the broader Anglican Communion from around the world who are lifting up the faithful laity in prayer."

Intriguing to say the least

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