Thursday, June 19, 2008

GAFCON releases pre-Lambeth Document

The telegraph say schism is now ... I haven't seen it say that in the entire 102 pages - but the quote below sets the tone pretty straigtforward.

Here is the entire 102 page document (compliments of Standfirm) called
The Way, The Truth
and the Life
Theological Resources for a
Pilgrimage to a Global Anglican

There is no longer any hope, therefore, for a unified
Communion. The intransigence of those who reject Biblical
authority continues to obstruct our mission, and it now
seems that the Communion is being forced to choose
between following their innovations or continuing on the
path that the Church has followed since the time of the
Apostles. We have made enormous efforts since 1997 in
seeking to avoid this crisis, but without success. Now we
confront a moment of decision. If we fail to act, we risk
leading millions of people away from the faith revealed in the
Holy Scriptures and also, even more seriously, we face the
real possibility of denying our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.
The leadership of The Episcopal Church USA
(ECUSA) and the Anglican Church of Canada (ACoC) seem
to have concluded that the Bible is no longer authoritative in
many areas of human experience, especially those of salvation
and sexuality. They claim to have ‘progressed’ beyond the
clear teaching of the Scriptures, and they have not hidden
their intention of leading others to these same conclusions.
They have even boasted that they are years ahead of others in
fully understanding the truth of the Holy Scriptures and the
nature of God’s love.

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