Thursday, November 13, 2008

3 Leave and 1 to Go

We now have 3 diocese's of the Episcopal Church that have voted to leave TEC. San Joaquin, Pittsburgh, Quincy all moved to the Southern Cone for now - under Anglican oversight - albeit this is likely temporary. Incidentally 2 of these Bishops have been deposed by Katie girl, and one chose retirement just prior to the vote of their convention.

Traditionally it takes 4 Dioceses to form a new Anglican Province. The 4th will likely come from the Diocese of Forth Worth, which will vote this weekend. This is of course expected, and likely Bishop Iker there will be presented with charges of abandoning the Church next week, and deposed at the next House of Bishops meeting next March.

Before I link to a great interview with Bishop Iker.... let me ponder for a moment what this will mean.

The Episcopal Church, which has been on the far left of religious views for years will now become even more left - and I think rapidly. With fewer conservative Dioceses, there will be fewer conservative delegates, which means that the leftist agenda will be promoted faster, and with larger margins of votes than in the past. With all the "leftist" views that have already been put in place by TEC, I can see rampant and unchecked leftist agendas passing readily at future conventions.

This of course leaves conservatives in moderate and left leaning Dioceses with an extreme minority, starting at the next General Convention. This leaves us that have stayed all these years, worshiping in a church whose views do not align with those of Holy Scripture. While I think there may be a "rush" of Parishes to align with the new and coming Province - I see very few Dioceses leaving, but as Parishes re-align the same effect in Diocesan Conventions will take affect as I have described above for the National Conventions.

To read Bishops Ikers interview - click here.

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