Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Duncan sets the Date for new Province...

This is from David Virtue

The Anglican Communion will get a new province called the North American Anglican Province - its 39th.

Its new archbishop will be the deposed Episcopal Bishop of Pittsburgh, the Rt. Rev. Robert Duncan.

The formation of this new province comes hard on the departure of four orthodox dioceses from The Episcopal Church, three Anglo-Catholic - San Joaquin, Quincy and Ft. Worth, with Pittsburgh being Evangelical and Evangelical Catholic.

In each case, the vast majority of Episcopal priests and laity voted to leave The Episcopal Church because of its abandonment of the historic Christian Faith in faith and morals, its acceptance of pansexuality, and violating both Holy Scripture and Church History.

The Episcopal Church is in numerical free fall. Recent 2007 figures catalog that the Median Average Sunday Worship Attendance is 69 (it was 77) and the net change in Average Sunday Attendance (ASA) from the previous Year was down 37,504.

In real terms, that's the equivalent of losing 543 "median-sized" congregations in 2007 or 1.5 congregations (median ASA) departing every day.

Between 1993 and 2003, The Episcopal Church lost 95,195 in Average Sunday Attendance. That averages a decline of 23,799 in ASA per year over the last four years, or an average decline of 2.9% per year.

The event will be followed by "a province-by-province visitation and appeal for recognition of the separate ecclesiastical structure in North America."

The creation of a new province, deemed unilateral by liberal provinces, comes two months before the scheduled primates' meeting in early February and leaves Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams with little or no room to maneuver.

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